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Credit Card & Data Security

GetGaming takes the security of you personal data and credit card information very seriously, we use up to 256-bit* Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption for all personal and financial data on our website.
* The level of encrytion is dependant on your web browser, most updated current browsers support encyption keys between 128-256-bits in length.
We have partnered with GeoTrust to provide our SSL certification, GeoTrust is the 2nd Largest security certificate issuer in the world, supporting more than 100,000 customers in over 150 countries worldwide.

For more information on GeoTrust, please
click here.
Rest assured that your transactions are secure when you shop and exchange information with GetGaming, all transactions are protected by GeoTrust SSL certification and are also encrypted in the system that drives the GetGaming website.
All financial transaction are processed by the Netregistry Payment Gateway which are then passed
securely to our banking partner, the National Australia Bank (NAB) for processing.
For more information about Netregistry, please click here.

Your credit card information is stored in our financial processing database in an encrypted format, the retention of your credit card information is required for the monthly rental plan payments that are automatcially processed when they fall due.
Your credit card details are NEVER disclosed to any party under any circumstances.
Furthermore, employees of GetGaming cannot view or copy your credit card details, as the payments are handled transparently without human intervention.
Human intervention is only required when a payment is rejected by the Bank.
Q - How do I tell if I'm in a secure section of the website?

All personal and financial data exchanges are processed inside the secure part of the website, to find out if you are protected follow the steps listed below;
 1 - You will notice a padlock symbol  on the far right hand section of your browsers address bar, similar to the one shown below;

You will also notice that the website address begins with an https:// the 's' on the end of the http means the site is secured using SSL.
2 - By clicking on the padlock symbol  to the right of the website address, will show you the SSL certicate details, like the one shown below;

When you see this infomation you can be assured that we have taken every possible precaution to ensure that your transactions on the GetGaming website are as secure as can be.
Please also note that Australian Banks take the processing of credit card payments online very seriously, before a merchant agreement is establihsed with the bank a series of website checks must be undertaken by the bank itself to ensure that the website conforms with the policies of the bank.
Most Australian banks also offer guarantees to their customers if it is proven that the use of the credit card has been without the owners consent.
For more information about credit card fraud and security please contact your bank.
If you would like more information on your transaction security please contact us by email at info@getgaming.com.au or by telephone on 08 7231 5027.



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