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Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 3D

Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 3D

Mindscape Asia Pacific Pty Ltd
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Designed specifically for the 3DS unit, PES 2011 3Dfor Nintendo 3DS offers an immersive take on the football genre, mixing the PES series acclaimed level of control and realism, with the added dimensions the 3DS allows.

Making stunning use of the 3D views the new system affords, PES 2011 3D puts you at the heart of every pass, through-ball and shot. A stunning active Player camera centers on the users every movement, dynamically following the action. As such, PES 2011 3Doffers an intense recreation of being a key part of a successful team, alongside the series esteemed stunning level of control.

60 National and 170 club sides

Challenging tournaments and leagues including the UEFA Champions League and Master League

Realistic gameplay including 3D camera views allowing for instinctive long passes and dynamic movement

Stunning AI ensures that players not only look identical to their real-life counterparts, but move and react like them too global level

Full commentary of the in-game action

Wireless play allows two Nintendo 3DS users to compete against each other.

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